Monday, February 25, 2013

Effin' system~

Hey Dizzy readers!

As you all know I haven't posted any updates on my blog, it's because I screwed up big time. For some reason my desktop won't let me connect to the internet. Yes, it was still working on that night, then the following day kablooey, every thing got f*cked up and I don't know why. I didn't do anything on that night, I was just downloading videos on youtube, then I accidentally hit cancel when it was about to shut down. I don't know if that was the cause of the problem, but shit just got screwed. Sorry for letting all of my anger on my blog, I know it's wrong to use profanity but what can I do... I did all sorts of things just to get it fixed, but no avail. That stupid adapter settings won't appear any Wi-Fi connection-- even though the router is on and running smoothly.

Maybe it's because of that cancel thingy... The WAN Miniports doesn't wanna work, Diagnostics Policy Service doesn't wanna start, Event Viewer doesn't start up even its service, system restore point doesn't even work too--after the system restore point my restore points went missing after that. I simply gave up on that day. I decided to System Image Restore, but currently I don't have the sufficient space to backup everything, I have to buy another External Hard Drive, though I "had" an external hard drive, but sadly bad luck kicks in, I tried to transfer files on my other External Hard Drive when all of a sudden windows freezes to the point I have to restart the processor. Unfortunately, I didn't know back then. I thought if I plug the external drive while it was still shutting down would still be working. To my surprise, it needed a format after I tried to plug it in the pc again. I tried format it, in every way but no avail. It's dead. Now I have to spend money on another External Drive and hopefully it won't get corrupted again. Knock on wood.

Anyway, that's what happened to me for the last 2 weeks. I was devastated you know. I didn't want to do such thing, but I have to. I was literally avoiding any damage on the pc as much as possible, but it seems that this was fate or simply bad luck.

Either way, I can't just keep avoiding these kinds of things. What's done, is done. Can't do anything about it.

If you guys have any comments regarding this, please don't hesitate to write them down on the comments section. Ciao~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[News] B1A4's Sandeul recovering after surgery on knee

Hey Dizzyreaders~ today I'm literally shocked by what I just read on allkpop this evening. What I'am about to share to you may or may not shock you. (it's either you've read it already)

B1A4‘s Sandeul has unfortunately undergone surgery on his knee for cartilage damage.
WM Entertainment updated fans on the 13th with the news: “Sandeul felt pain around his knee last week and was diagnosed after visiting the hospital. He was told that it is meniscus injury and after being diagnosed, he underwent surgery.”
Sandeul is resting and although he is fine to go about his daily activities, it is said that he is not ready for stage performances.
A representative commented, “Luckily, B1A4 has ended their album promotions so Sandeul is getting rest and quickly recovering.. He will be taking on the schedules that have been set before, but for the time being, it will be difficult for him to stand on stage and dance.”
We hope Sandeul gets plenty of rest and recovers quickly.
I look through the internet of what this Meniscus Injury is and found out that it's a common knee injury. NBA player Jeremy Lin also suffered with Meniscus Tear. While I was researching, I soon came about the symptoms of the Meniscus Tear.
  • Knee pain
  • Swelling of the knee
  • Tenderness when pressing on the meniscus
  • Popping or clicking within the knee
  • Limited motion of the knee joint
Imagining Sandeul having to go through this pain led me to tears. This is the second time WM Ent. has announced this kind of situation. Gongchan undergoes a kidney removal surgery and now Sandeul.

Fellow BANA's let's pray for Sandeul's speedy recovery.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's one those times... wtf 10000 views?!

Yeah the title says it all~ It's one of those times that I still haven't figured out what to blog, and it's been months that I haven't written a single blog this 2013. This will be the first, if I'm correct--goes to check the date--yeah 5 months already. And the last time I check, the page views was 7000+ and now we reached 10,000! Thank you guys! Even though I'm a lazy blogger.

Today is Chinese New Year. Do you guys celebrate Chinese New Year? no? Well you should be, it's like having a second New Year, only a little later.

Ughh.. I dunno what to write anymore... I haz a phail brain, yes? Gotta get out of here, ciaoyuu~

Oh and btw I'll start blogging again soon, I'll post my fanfics and stuffs about what happened in the last 5 months.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[News] Still Alive~

Heya Dizzyreaders! Just to inform you that I'm still alive and kicking! Okay that's about it for today ciao~~
Just kidding! Actually I don't have any good topic to share to you guys, but there is one, though I'm not sure if it's really a topic or not. Heck, I'll just give all that I've been meaning to say a long time ago. But first let's start off with my upcoming Finals next week, then after that is Sembreak, which means I'll be able to blog, sleep, write and so on. I'll think of it as a mini-vacation--super short vacation mind you--

Well enough said with that Finals thingy, there's nothing good about it anyway. Let's move on to the next one, it's about my Fanfic; it isn't that new anymore because I have about... 20 chapters already and recently I  decided to redo all my work; well not literally redo, I just wanted to edit some parts of the story because of my *cough* stupid grammar *cough* and trying to re-study English grammar once again (I don't pay attention with my teachers back in the days, now I'm regretting everything) and hopefully I'll be able to write better and not kill people with my bad grammar. Luckily I have a friend who have already mastered English grammar. She's currently helping me with my punctuation problem-- I suck at it-- I find some small improvements on my writing; I'm still struggling to perfect it.

Eh eh eh! almost forgot! T.T B1A4 Hello Baby has ended already :((((((((( I wanna cry... I won't be able to see Eunsol and Hyunwoo again :((( unless they make their own special surprise after a few months. I will totally miss their bonding's with B1A4 despite all the missions Hello Baby producers gave them, and I will definitely miss Gongchan and Eunsol. I squeal every time I see them *spaz~* maybe I'll blog about them XDD~~~

Anyway that's it for today ciao~~ :3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

[News] B2ST's Jang Hyunseung's Father Passes Away

It was just reported that the father of B2ST‘s Hyunseung has passed away.
Cube Entertainment representative revealed “Hyunseung’s father passed away during the night because of a heart attack.
He continued, “Hyunseung was shocked after hearing the news, as his father had no history of any long term illness. He is currently with his his mother and younger sister.
The body is currently at a hospital in Gyeonggi Province and the funeral procession will be held on the 22nd. With the unfortunate event, B2ST is reported to have put a hold on their schedules for the time being.
Our hearts go out to Hyunseung and his family for their unfortunate loss. May his father rest in peace.
via Allkpop

This is a rather shocking news for me, and to all of the B2UTIES out there who just read the news today in Allkpop or in Naver.
I only noticed this news just today, at this hour. I saw the news when I happened to stop by at Jang Hyunseung's FB fan page(for some reason) and I was flabbergasted.

Then I suddenly remember my Father, he had the same symptoms.

I know what he's going through right now. So, Hyunseung, Please stay strong! We B2UTIES will support you 'til the end TT_TT My Condolences to you and to your family and may your Father rest in peace.

Friday, September 14, 2012

[Game Review] Continent of the Ninth

Hey Guys! I'm back again for the continuation of Game Review. Earlier today I told you about a brief summary(lack of information) about "C9". Well since I got it running on my desktop, and not my laptop *le cries* I've got to say the graphics isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The graphics was so tremendous! I mean look at this.

By the way this is my character, Dianneski, she's a Witchblade. If you want to add me up in game feel free to do so. I'm at US server by the way. Just be sure to introduce yourselves as blogger, I might mistake you guys for some weird strangers.

Back to the topic, as I was saying the graphics is realistic, every detail is fine, no flaws. The gameplay has a striking similarity of "Dragon Nest" mixed with "Rusty Hearts" and I forgot to mention "Vindictus" (which wont let me play because of IP Block) as I've told you guys before it's a Hack n Slash game + Combo skills.
The game is very easy to play, until you reach your end game--which is very difficult obviously. You 'will' need teammates along with you when you reach a certain level where you need teammates to fight off a Big Boss. Because like I said C9 has stricking similarity with "DN" "RH" and "Vindictus" both have Dungeon raiding and etc.

There are four playable characters in the game. A Warrior, Hunter, Shaman and WitchBlade.

And there is a 2nd job change system, All characters can change its job twice in level 10 and level 20. The first job change is for the reinforcement purpose, and the second job is to specialize your character with style. 
That's all for today. If you guys have any questions about the game, you can pm me at the game or yahoo.

[Game News] Download done, Installing a new game!!

Hey guys! DizzyDC here~ ready for some daily news blog? no? Well then go have some coffee first at the nearest Starbucks!

Alrighty then, if you're reading this then that means you just got back from Starbucks and got trolled by me. Nah, just kidding.
So anyway-- where was I? Oh yeah, I was suppose to tell you guys that I got back from Star--I mean School. Before I leave for school earlier this morning, I set-up my laptop to "torrent mode" and downloaded this game that I was waiting for quite a long time now, it's already in Open Beta so I don't have to worry about wipe-out's.

This game that I've been talking about is "Continental of the Ninth" or "C9" for short. Actually, what I read a couple of months back-- at that time the game was still in TBA, it's a hack n slash type of game and that's it.
And to tell you the truth I haven't seen the actual gameplay of it. Maybe I'll check it out before I login to the game. Currently it's still patching so, yeah... still have to wait for it to finish. I hope my laptop can handle it, or else I have to install it in my desktop.

Anyhow I'll just inform you guys if the patch is already done, and have gone through some tutorials and such. For now I'll make myself busy for the new background pic so that you guys won't have eye problems just because my blog. Bye for now~ ciaosuu~♥